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Cozy, Clean, Private Room In a PERFECT LOCATION
Sérherbergi · 2 gestir · 1 sameiginlegt baðherbergi

Cozy, Clean, Private Room In a PERFECT LOCATIONMy apartment is clean, cozy, with a great sunset view & has all your needs from WiFi, washer, LCD TV, Air Conditioner & hot water. The apartment is in the most luxurious neighborhood in Alexandria, 2 minutes from Saint Jenny square, where you can find gyms, supermarkets & every store you might need in your stay in Egypt, 5 minutes from all transportation, you can choose your room out of 2 rooms if all the apartment available & also a living room with really comfy furniture to ensure your comfort

⭐️  ⭐️ Elegant comfy Apartment  ⭐️ ⭐️
Öll leigueining · 2 gestir · 2 rúm · 1 baðherbergi

⭐️ ⭐️ Elegant comfy Apartment ⭐️ ⭐️The apartment is fully equipped with 1 bedroom,1 bathroom ,living area kitchen is not fitted as cocking/smoking not allowed. mini compound with security 24hrs. attractive neighborhoods in Alexandria. by main Wengat street , only 300 m from Judges club ،Feliming تحتوي الوحدة السكنية علي غرفة نوم وحمام ، غير مزودة بالمطبخ اوأي من ادواتة ، حيث لايسمح بالطبخ أو التدخين ، تقع في منطقة سكنية حية بوكلي شارع ونجت . علي بعد ٣٠٠ م من نادي القضاة . يرجي قراءة كافة بيانات وشروط الاقامة قبل إتمام الحجز .

Piece of Heaven in the Heart of Alexandria
Öll leigueining · 10 gestir · 6 rúm · 3 baðherbergi

Piece of Heaven in the Heart of AlexandriaAn exceptiomal penthouse (2 floors) in Mustafa Kamel in the heart of Alexandria. A big terrace and straight view on the sea where you can enjoy the breath of Alexandria. The place has an excellent location, the tram station is 2 steps from the building, Abou Kir (the main street in Alexandria) is 15 meters away and the Corniche (The sea street) is 10 minutes walking, where you can find 2 of the main Café collections (Tivoli Dome and City Square).

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Abu an Nawatir og aðrar frábærar orlofseignir

  1. Öll leigueining
  2. Moustafa Kamel
Elegant apartment in the middle of Alexandria
  1. Öll leigueining
  2. alexandria
super luxury cozy home in roshdy
Engar umsagnir enn
  1. Sérherbergi
  2. Abu an Nawatir
Master Room in Kafr Abdou (Girls & Women's only)
  1. Sérherbergi
  2. Abu an Nawatir
Elites Private bedroom, with private bathroom.
  1. Öll leigueining
  2. Mustafa Kamel WA Bolkli
Sea view Mustafa Kamel apartment, sidi gaber.
  1. Sérherbergi
  2. Abu an Nawatir
Citadel Private bedroom , with private bathroom.
  1. Sérherbergi
  2. Abu an Nawatir
Comfy & welcoming
  1. Öll leigueining
  2. Alexandria
attractive apt. near to public transportation
  1. Öll leigueining
  2. Mustafa Kamel WA Bolkli
Cozy Apartment With Seaside View In Alex
  1. Öll leigueining
  2. Abu an Nawatir
Luxury apartment in the best place in Alexandria..
  1. Sérherbergi
  2. ADH Dhahereyah WA Izbat as Safih
Private room in cosy flat, Fleming neighborhood
  1. Öll leigueining
  2. Roshdi
It s 10 mins walk from the sea,peaceful nd comfy

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Unique activities hosted by local experts vetted for quality

  • Ex-cosmopolitan Alexandria by local eyes
    Discover the old Alexandria, My home town has a Majestic and ancient history that It was founded by Alexander the Great 331 BC. The city has magnificent public precincts and royal palaces which cover a fourth or even a third of the entire area. Cosmopolitan Alexandria is a term that is usually applied for a period in the history of the Egyptian city of Alexandria lasting from [1860 -1961]. Large numbers of Greeks, Italians, French, English,Maltese, Armenians, Lebanese,Turks,Bulgarians,Jews ,etc,lived in harmony within each other and with the local people .Sadly enough,the cosmopolitan nature of the city was abruptly put to an end when Nasser issued the socialist laws of 1961,followed by the planned Arabinization of the names of streets and districts Most European communities left Alexandria except for a still existing very small Greek community. However,European influence on the city can be still seen in Alexandria after 50 years from the end of the cosmopolitan era of the city. I wasn't a witness to this era but my parents and my grandparents were and they granted me their experience and now the time has came to share this experience, hope that I can do something to preserve these memories for history let me take you in a tour in the old streets of Alexandria and we could have a traditional Alexandrian meal and Egyptian drink together while discussing any interesting matters.
    Frá Verð:$29 á mann
    This history walking tour of Alexandria Old Town and galleries of the library of Alexandria will take you along all the less known must-see local spots to see the real Alexandria: Explore the city that has over 7000 years of history and discover all the facts, myths, and secrets that you won’t find in your guidebook. Today, the city is the modern summer capital of Egypt. But the grace of Alexander the great still lingers all around… I will share my knowledge and passion for Alexandria with you. Get a local look at the Cradle of Civilization on foot and discover many of the city’s hidden gems that tourist buses can’t reach. Other things to note We are available every day just Message me now. Tour starts at 10 am we can change pick-up time to suit you. We will pick you up from your place
    Frá Verð:$1 á mann
  • Alexandria full day tour
    the history tour of the old town town of Alexandria founded by Alexander in 332 B.C will let you have a chance to encounter the less visited common must see spots that other regular itineraries won't give you the chance to do ; old market hidden gems, a panoramic view of the old eastern city harbor, saint Mark cathedral hidden galleries, that not everybody knows about, local food experience, the biggest oldest mosque in the city. the city has a long history covering different time lines. you will be able to see local areas and most important historical spots in my city. you will get a chance to see how the locals are also living and feel it more of a street wise. Other things to note this tour is mainly provided for guests who are staying in Alexandria during the time of their visit. the tour starts from your place of residence in Alexandria & ends up at the same place or a different one within Alexandria. feel free to contact us anytime for arrangements. This tour is from 9 a.m-3 p.m
    Frá Verð:$70 á mann
  • Historian Guided Tour of Alexandria
    This history tour of Old Town will take you along all the less known must-see local spots: , Old Market hidden gems, special Panoramic views of Old Harbor, Saint Mark Church hidden galleries, Taverna's local Alexandria food only for locals no tourist know about it, Abo El Abbas Mosque, and more. Founded in 323, the city has a rich local history ranging from the greek to World War II. In addition to learning about Old Town's past, you'll find out about what is going on in Alexandria today meet some locals friends of mine, and how to make the most of your trip. Other things to note We are available every day just Message me now. Tour starts at 8 am we can change pick-up time to suit you. We will pick you up from your place. Tour start 9 am finished around 2-3 pm
    Frá Verð:$50 á mann
  • Learn Self Defense With a Champion
    My name is Ali Al-Awad, and I’m an 18-times Syria Wrestling Champion, a Paris 2024 Olympic Games hopeful, and a refugee athlete. My passion for wrestling inspired me to open a Martial Arts training center for refugees that offers self-defense classes for women. And today, I’d like to bring that passion and expertise to the Airbnb family and share it with guests on the Online Experiences platform. In this Experience, I’m going to share with you the story of my personal athletic journey, and then we’ll talk about the Tokyo Games before we move on to the self-defense portion. I will teach you the importance of self-defense techniques. I've chosen a selection of moves that will show you how to use your body weight and size to your advantage. All I ask is that you bring lots of energy, excitement, and focus. Not only will we learn helpful techniques, but this session is intended to help raise awareness around violence against women, by providing teachings on how to protect yourself and build your confidence. Gender-based violence is an issue that needs collective efforts to address, and I hope that with this session we can combine a good physical exercise with a healthy conversation around what we can do to raise awareness—as well as provide a base for combatting the day-to-day challenges that impact females of all walks of life, all over the world.
    Frá Verð:$25 á mann

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