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This place is huge with multiple entrances and miles of hiking trails.

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They have a stellar permanent collection and great rotating exhibitions.

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Amazing food

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The Wonder Ballroom has a great dance floor and three stories with a couple of bars. The vibe is casual and and friendly. Some shows are 21+ and others are all ages.

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Good place to walk, bike, listen to music. Right on the southwest side of the Willamette River.

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Several neighborhoods in Portland have thriving commercial streets. In north Portland, one of those streets is Mississippi. You will find good restaurants, fun shops, the Rebuilding Center, small a... lesa meira

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It shows independent and foreign films and has good seating and staff.

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They have a tastebud-adventure kale salad and hip-vibe atmosphere.

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You can hike, run, ride your bike along this trail that parallels the river and the railroad tracks.

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Incredible sandwiches


1120 SW 5th Ave

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1120 SW 5th Ave·Kort·

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It is a beautiful statue in front of the Portland Building, a design of Michael Graves.

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Home to now-famous Pok Pok and lots of other restaurants, SE Division Street is an interesting place to stroll.

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Fun place to dance on the weekends

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I've seen some great acts and attended some fun events at Revolution Hall: Storm Large, Floydian Slips, Dan Savage, and the Oregon Beer Show, among others. It used to be a school and still has th... lesa meira

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This is a beautiful park with lots of walkways and an extensive rose collection.



Drykkir og næturlífBarir
$$· 529 Northwest 23rd Avenue·Kort·Opnunartími·Vefsíða·

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They have a good happy hour, and it is a quiet, elegant atmosphere.

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Rae's has a fun, casual vibe and great outdoor picnic table seating where you can bring your dog. They also have good food and beer selection.

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Downtown Portland features Nordstrom, Macy's, and Pioneer Place, which is a galleria of upscale chain stores and local boutiques. You can also see movies downtown, catch a theater performance at th... lesa meira

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I thank the universe that I live a block and a half from Trader Joe's.

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Good place to go for late night happy hour

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One-stop shopping: groceries, prescriptions, and sundries. They remodeled a couple of years ago and put in a beer/wine bar with televisions, a hot/cold deli, and improved their selections of almos... lesa meira

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Old Town Chinatown is definitely seedy, but if you can get past that, you'll get a glimpse of how Portland looked in the early 1900's. Saturday Market is also in this part of town and you can find... lesa meira



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1310 NW 23rd Ave·Kort·Opnunartími·Vefsíða·

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The City of Portland rolled out this bike rental program last summer. The rates are $2.50 for 30 minutes and .10 a minute after that, or $12 for the day. The bike hubs are all over town.

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It has everything: pastry, salad, deli dishes, meats, cheeses, hot dishes, a bar, a private banquet room and great staff!

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Portland has to be the mecca of food carts. They are downtown, in southeast, in Old Town, practically every district of the city. I like the carnitas burrito at El Jarrito; it's filled with the per... lesa meira

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The closest Max station is at 18th and SW Taylor. Buses 15 and 77 both have stops close to my house and run downtown and across the river. You can catch the streetcar going to PSU and downtown at 2... lesa meira

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This bakery is about 3 blocks from me. It serves pastries, coffee, espresso drinks, and sandwiches, as well as beer and wine. It opens at 7 am and closes at 3 pm in the afternoon. I like the muffin... lesa meira

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People walk and ride bikes along this trail, which extends from the southwest to the northwest of Portland and fronts the Willamette River.