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I've lived all over the US but for the last 20 years Oregon has been my home. Portland is a great little city with plenty of rain, coffee, tea and good food to keep me happy. I'm currently finis... lesa meira

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It's an institution. It's huge. It's wonderful. They give you a map when you come in (if you go to the info desk- and I highly recommend it for first timers). And there's a great coffee shop wi... lesa meira

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Did you get into town kinda late, and need a place for a bite to eat, maybe a drink? The Kennedy School has you covered. We like to hang in the Cypress Room, get a burger with cajun tots and a be... lesa meira

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The music here tonight will be good. It always is.

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Tapas style / Street Food Indian restaurant. Very different fare from your average American Indian restaurant. The Pork Vindaloo is amazing, the fried cauliflower is like candy. The paneer kafti r... lesa meira

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The Portland Art Museum is not a great museum but it's got some great art in it. The standard galleries are extensive, with good East Asian and Modernist stuff, and the special traveling shows are... lesa meira

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Great place to read or get some work done. Sunny patio out front (when it's not raining, that is). Great people watching. Solid beverages.

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Super beautiful theater that has a whole neighborhood named after it. It's a wonderful nonprofit that brings interesting films (independent, local, old classics, neat documentaries, big name art-h... lesa meira

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It's Portland's front yard. Or back yard. It's a great park for walking, lounging, people watching, duck watching. Events tend to pop up out of nowhere here.

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Townshend's Tea is a Portland institution. They have everything from boba/bubble teas to fine oolongs. Open til 10 at night- rare for a tea shop.

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Locally sourced ingredients, wood-fired, hearty and excellently prepared. Great local meats and always something awesome for my vegetarian husband. Dinner is great. Brunch is superb! They have a ... lesa meira

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Wings with something like 7 different sauce choices! Great beer, awesome burgers and sandwiches and the pizza is great too. Fun jam-band vibe, good place to watch sports too, if you're into such ... lesa meira

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One of our favorite brunch spots! Super duper good, twists on the classics. Also in a great walking neighborhood to check out. 28th has lots of charming shops between Stark and Glisan. Most of th... lesa meira

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Want a place to go at night that isn't centered around alcohol, and is well, I guess quirky would be a good word to describe it? Check out this Portland Institution late night dessert house. This... lesa meira

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PNW spin on ramen. Great broths, interesting and inpired ingredients. Chewy noodles. Tattooed hipster friendly staff that's fun to watch in the open kitchen. This place is top notch awesome. G... lesa meira

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Great food that's different from the standard fare. Covered patio and fire pit out front. Solid cocktails and great beer selection. $11 Manhattans on tap and rotating $5 Rosé All Day. The fire pi... lesa meira

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A traditional Chinese Garden in the heart of the City. Enjoy the magnificent teahouse after strolling the pathways and halls, watching the koi in the water. This is one of our very favorite place... lesa meira

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Local chain that carries organics, natural and conventional foods. You can get lays potato chips, grass fed beef, organic broccoli, and a package of hot dogs all in one place. Solid deli offeri... lesa meira

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Best bar and easy late night food within walking distance. Sports bar that doesn't feel too sports-barry. Great food. Good place to hang out, watch a game, have some beers. Huge beer selection.

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1980's decor including teal and pink neon, teal wrap around booths, and a nice relaxed divey feel. This is a place where neighborhood old fogies and hipsters alike show up for karaoke, blues music... lesa meira

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Great local pizza!

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Contemporary art gallery and gift shop. I always see something I love when we visit here.

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Real Chicago style deep dish pizza. It's the real deal. So delish.

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Street Market = Food Cart? This place is the best! A little bit up the street from most of the hustle and bustle of Division Street but well worth it. Holy moly it's good. Get the BiBimBox with ... lesa meira

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Native American owned and themed. A little different than the typical Portland hipster coffee scene. A local gem. Incredible baked goods, both savory and sweet. Solid beverages. Nice place to hang... lesa meira

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Really good Pho in a sweet atmosphere with friendly hosts.

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A tea shop unlike any other you have visited before. Into Lucid dreaming and tarot cards? Into folks who are super duper into esoteric teas? Wanna get 'tea drunk?' Curious? Come check out this place.

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An outdoor catholic cathedral in a grove of trees with a grotto carved into the side of a cliff. An elevator up a cliff to a garden and active monastery. Walk the labyrinth, meditate, contemplate... lesa meira

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Yes, the Columbia River Gorge waterfalls really are that close, they really are that spectacular, and you really should check it out if you have any interest at all! Take the historic highway, mak... lesa meira

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need a few groceries and within walking distance? here you go! there's a starbucks inside for those who need their daily latte!

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Our brand new neighborhood park! Take your skateboard.