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Allt frá skoðunarferðum til bestu staðanna sem fáir þekkja. Kynnstu því sem gerir borgina einstaka með íbúunum sem þekkja best til.
Government building
“You can tour the White House, the iconic home of America’s president, by scheduling a visit in advance. Even if you are unable to schedule a visit, walk around to the back to get a closer view of the building.”
  • 228 íbúar mæla með
“If you love animals you are up for a trip. Private car there is parking or Uber. ”
  • 256 íbúar mæla með
Vettvangur fyrir sviðslistir
“A quick 10-minute walk from the Georgetown waterfront, you’ll find D.C.’s own version of the Metropolitan Opera House. Bringing in top performers from around the world in theater, opera, ballet, as well as various musical concerts from orchestra to hip-hip for the entertainment of all ages.”
  • 198 íbúar mæla með
“The most hallowed grounds in our area. As a personal note, my grandfather Major Andrew F. Martin, USAF, who was killed in action is buried here with my grandmother Mary Alice. My husband Phil and I as veterans hold this site close to our hearts. ”
  • 89 íbúar mæla með
“This is a great place for picnics, lounging with a book in the sun, or listening to local music.”
  • 248 íbúar mæla með
“Large mall, newly renovated. Usually packed, depending on season has lots of school tourist groups. ”
  • 59 íbúar mæla með
“A charming area with Federal-style architecture, cobblestone streets and fashion and design shops. The dining scene is defined by upmarket restaurants and waterfront seafood spots, while nightlife spans boisterous college bars, traditional taverns and intimate live music lounges. Georgetown Waterfront Park has a riverside promenade and gardens, and there's a bike path along the C&O Canal.”
  • 171 íbúi mælir með
“Great outdoor space for walks. If you follow the path on the waterfront, you can walk all the way to the Lincoln Memorial (wear sneakers!)”
  • 101 íbúi mælir með
Minnismerki / kennileiti
“555 ft tall observation tower, Washington Monument stands still in the heart of the capital, Washington D.C. Great outside, but inner as well as you can find George Washington, first president's statue.”
  • 120 íbúar mæla með
Minnismerki / kennileiti
“ This is DC’s iconic pointy-tipped monument that stands at the edge of the grassy National Mall.”
  • 45 íbúar mæla með
Government Building
“The White House is the official residence and workplace of the President of the United States. It is located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW in Washington, D.C. and has been the residence of every U.S. President since John Adams in 1800. ”
  • 40 íbúar mæla með
Minnismerki / kennileiti
“Built in 1915, this is a beautiful, columned memorial dedicated to Abraham Lincoln. It’s situated at the end of a large reflecting pool that overlooks the WWII Memorial and the Washington Monument.”
  • 67 íbúar mæla með
History Museum
“The history of the African American experience eloquently displayed. Wonderful food.”
  • 102 íbúar mæla með
“I occasionally go here at night, sit on the steps, and just observe the reflection pool along with the Washington Monument in the night sky. I honestly think the experience is better at night. There’s usually college aged adults and small groups of tourists around even at 1am. ”
  • 110 íbúar mæla með
“This a great place for small plates at a reasonable price , the food is the best it is Only a 5 minute walk from out house in Edgehill village”
  • 158 íbúar mæla með
“Tryst is a coffee shop reminiscent of Central Perk on Friends, with overstuffed sofas and table service. They have a much bigger food menu, and it's a great place for breakfast or lunch.”
  • 161 íbúi mælir með


Vinsælir veitingastaðir

“This a great place for small plates at a reasonable price , the food is the best it is Only a 5 minute walk from out house in Edgehill village”
  • 158 íbúar mæla með
“Great local coffeeshop and bakery-- big selection of homemade pastries (try the home made pop tarts or cinnamon rolls). Almost always has 2 gluten-free options (blueberry muffin and scone- pick the scone).”
  • 56 íbúar mæla með
Amerískur veitingastaður
“The food here is fantastic - highly recommend. Go online to reserve a table. ”
  • 72 íbúar mæla með
Amerískur veitingastaður
“A DC classic and can't miss when you're in town. The seafood tower is impressive”
  • 68 íbúar mæla með
“Great whiskey selection. There is also a "secret" speakeasy in the basement. In Adams Morgan.”
  • 75 íbúar mæla með
Mexíkóskur veitingastaður
“Great Mexican restaurant and has a lot of outside seating and socially distanced tables!”
  • 70 íbúar mæla með
Spænskur veitingastaður
“Spanish Tapas joint - One of the most popular tapas joints in DC. Can't go wrong with this spot on 14th Street. Recommend driving or taking an Uber/Lyft. Could also take the Metro to Dupont Circle, but is about a 3/4 mile walk from Dupont Circle Metro stop.”
  • 76 íbúar mæla með
Asískur veitingastaður
“This Laotian restaurant is fairly close and offers amazing and exotic food in a casual, yet slightly upscale environment. Also has a bar, and has some great beers, wines. and cocktails for order. ”
  • 67 íbúar mæla með

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