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We are an Australian/French couple. We have lived in Australia, France, Spain, the US and Italy. Whether for work or pleasure, travel plays a very big role in our lives. We are more than happy to s... lesa meira
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The oldest covered market in Paris. Today it is home to many international food stands. Take-away or sit at share tables. The Moroccan stand couscous is well known. Tuesday-Saturday 8.30am-7.30pm a... lesa meira

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The Pompidou is 5-10minutes walk from the apartment and always has interesting modern art, furniture, photography, architecture and other exhibitions. I also recommend taking the external escalator... lesa meira

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Great for people watching at any time of the day - particularly in summer when everyone sits by the canal in the late afternoon with wine and cheese for impromptu evening picnics. Lots of good coff... lesa meira

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1km walk from the apartment but many would say it is worth it. Well known traditional bakery with very very famous croissants.

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One of the best kept secrets of Paris. The NYC Highline is modelled on the Paris Promenade Plantee (or Coulee Verte). The old elevated railway line has been converted into gardens. The trail is wel... lesa meira

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Dedicated to Picasso, this museum always has interesting exhibitions about the artists life. Equally worth while if you are a lover of Picasso or are unaware of his history.

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Pierre has become a bit of a Paris legend for his fusion Korean/French food. There is a six-course mystery menu at night (two meat courses, two fish courses, cheese and dessert) for 40euros which i... lesa meira

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Small but excellent cocktail bar 100m from the apartment. The style can best be described as Pop Art meets Moroccan. During summer the bar extends to the internal courtyard behind. You’ll need to p... lesa meira


Carnavalet Museum

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16 Rue des Francs Bourgeois·Kort·Vefsíða·

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Often overlooked, the museum is dedicated to the history of Paris and is run by the Maire de Paris. It occupies two neighboring mansions: the Hôtel Carnavalet and the former Hôtel Le Peletier de Sa... lesa meira

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If you feel like a Sunday movie or relaxing evening - the UGC cinema at Chatelet shows most new release movies in their original language (not dubbed and with french subtitles). Look for 'VO' next ... lesa meira

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Vegetarian and Vegan. Breakfast, brunch and lunch. Curries, bagels, pancakes, salads, fruit juices, smoothies – you go for the food, not the coffee :)

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Building holds the private collection plus sponsored exhibitions of Louis Vuitton. Check the website to see what is currently on. Well worth a visit just to see the Franch Ghery architecturally des... lesa meira

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A great Sunday afternoon promenade park. You can walk up to the tower in the middle of the park for a view over a different part of Paris. Take our table tennis bats and balls with you and you can ... lesa meira

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Cafe/coffee shop associated to The Broken Arm clothing store next door. Good coffee and whilst not a large food menu - they provide particularly good light french cafe food. Good for a light brunch... lesa meira

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Bio/organic/health food store. Fresh food and vegetables, dairy, meat, tofu, milk and non-dairy milk varieties, nuts/seeds. Organic beauty and cleaning products. Most regular supermarkets (e.g. Mon... lesa meira

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Excellent local boulangerie supplying traditional baguettes, bread loaves, croissants, pastries, tarts, and take-away food appropriate for picnics and a busy day on the tourist trail (e.g. filled b... lesa meira



$$· 76 Rue des Tournelles·Kort·Opnunartími·Vefsíða·

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Very small tucked away coffee shop/cafe excellent for breakfast, lunch, sweets and coffee. It is on the way to Bastille Markets and you'll find us there most weekends. Run by a lovely young english... lesa meira

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One of the easiest locations to hire cars relative to the location of the apartment. Most rental companies are located there and from the apartment you can take metro Line 4 from Reaumur Sebastopol... lesa meira

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One of our favourite restaurants in Paris. Owned by an Australian. Modern french food. Menu changes regularly dependent on what is fresh from the markets. Can accommodate various dietary requiremen... lesa meira

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If you are craving a real flat white, cappuccino, latte or macchiato - this is the place for you! Lovely english speaking baristas who care about the coffee not just the drawing on top. Sur place (... lesa meira

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Very large supermarket providing fresh food, bakery, fishmonger, general groceries, organic/health food, beauty/health, alcohol, household products, clothing.

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This is a no-frills quaint and traditional family run crepe and cider restaurant. Family friendly, pretty inexpensive and authentic. Last time I was there they also have gluten free options. And yo... lesa meira

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If you are from Melbourne or Australia and have been to Hardware Society - they have just opened in Paris opposite Sacre Coeur. Great for breakfast, coffee and lunch - however make sure you get the... lesa meira

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One of my favourite spaces to escape Paris and take a breather. It is free to walk inside the doors and enjoy the quiet of the internal courtyard. Sit along the side, stare at the magnificent build... lesa meira

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New japanese restaurant on our street. Very good sushi, sashimi, gua bao, Japanese salad/rice bowls etc. Every day except Sunday and they serve until 11pm

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Not exactly a winery - but it feels like you could be near one! Wine bar located 100m from our apartment and specialising in wines from Languedoc-Roussillon - in the south of France where Alex is f... lesa meira

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Very large food market on Boulevard Richard Lenoir. Fruit, vegetables, bread and pastries, fish, meat, cheese, local specialties. Sunday and Thursday 8am to 2pm.


2 Quai de la Tournelle

2 Quai de la Tournelle·Kort·

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Our favourite Seine river picnic location - particularly in summer. Excellent views of Notre Dame and Ile St Louis. Summer picnics are a Paris tradition and this about a 20minute walk from the apar... lesa meira

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Small supermarket 5min from the apartment useful supplying groceries, fruit and vegetables. Open every day.

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If you want to learn how to make some French staples such as a croissant, pain au chocolate, eclairs, macarons or savory items - I highly recommend Le Foodist. They are small classes and we always ... lesa meira

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Great french restaurant with good value lunch formulas. Whether you are about to start or have just finished exploring the Louvre or other attractions in the 1st arr. this is a great lunch or dinne... lesa meira


Les Epiciers

$$· 33 Rue de Montmorency·Kort·Opnunartími·Vefsíða·

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Started by two young english speaking French guys from the south of France who gave up their financial careers to open a food and wine bar. During the day there is a deli and food shop selling cure... lesa meira