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Ed And Muriel
We are Muriel and Ed, a journalist and a photographer. We are a franco-british couple and have lived in Paris for the past 10 years after a few years in London. We love our city which for a major i... lesa meira

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Worth a trip for its lake, its hills, its trees....and a good restaurants and cafe.

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Legendary Jardin du Luxembourg, home to France's upper house. Absolutely magnificent French gardens. To go there it's dirt simple : Take the RER B at La Chapelle metro stop and head south. It's thr... lesa meira

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Vibrant, open air food market, specializing in prepared dishes from around the world. One can make a culinary journey from Italy to Thailand, via Morocco, Libanon and Japan. And much much more. Gre... lesa meira

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French bohemian style of decor in this 2-room loft which has great food and music. There's a book and vintage clothing shop on the second floor and a garden area.

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Point Ephémère is a former builder's merchant converted into a bar, restaurant, gallery and live music space by the Canal. The crowd is young and international. Great place if you feel like partying.

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Beautifu and majestuous landmark which screams "you are in Paris!". Worth a trip for the basilica, the views on Paris and its charming neighbourhood. You can then head south from rue des martyrs an... lesa meira

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Backdrop to several legendary French movies (Amelie, Hotel du Nord), this beautiful tree-lined waterside walkway runs from Jaurès to Bastille (10 minutes from our home). It offers a wide array of c... lesa meira

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This cinema is part of the MK2 chain, with an excellent selection of French and foreign movies (with French subtitles). There are also lots of bars and restaurants nearby on the Canal.

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Simple, efficient, friendly and cheap bistrot opposite the romantic lock gates that featured in the movie Amelie.

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This cinema is part of the MK2 chain, with an excellent selection of French and foreign movies (with French subtitles). There are also lots of bars and restaurants nearby on the Canal.

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Bar and restaurant in this recently-renovated 18th century building that pre-dates the French revolution. Offers brunches, evening meals and apéritifs. Club nights on saturdays with guest DJs.

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We love this cafe with a old worldy colonial feel. You can either sip an expresso or go for lunch and enjoy a tasty and typically french 12-euro 3-course meal. A MUST in the Bastille area!!

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Great food and organic wines in one of the smallest, and best restaurants in the 10th arrondissment.

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This bar/restaurant is worth a trip for its 1950s furniture alone against a industrial backdrop. Great spot for a drink at the terrace during happy hour. Haven't yet tested the food.

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This is true parisian neighborhood bistrot. Atmosphere is lively and warm and food drinks are fairly inexpensive. Tables outside give out on the pretty Bassin de la Villette.


Le 104

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104 Rue d'Auberviliers·Kort·Opnunartími·Vefsíða·

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Le 104 is stunning cultural center. Look it up on the internet, it's well worth a trip!

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This recently-renovated 1900 cinema shows modern and old movies to the delight of the neighborhood. It also has a cafe with fantastic views of the Sacre Coeur. http://www.cinemalouxor.fr

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We love Cave en Vrac for its wines and its delicious simple and fresh food. They excel in quiches, cheese and charcuterie plates and wonderful sandwiches.

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If you're fed up with cars and streets, have a change and lunch or dine at Pavillon du Lac, which serves home-made bistro food. It's romantic and very soothing!

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The best hamburger in the neighborhood in this cute bar! Owners are warm and welcoming. Great spot for an true italian expresso or a beer. Just a few steps from the Olive market and the 104 center.

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Great and beautiful swimming pool, ice rink and hammam/sauna. www.pailleron19.com

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Built in 1988 on top of the Belleville hill, the Belleville park (45,000 m²) offers an unrestricted panoramic view of the capital. A wooded village destined for children offers tower staircases and... lesa meira

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Slightly expensive but wonderful products in this beautiful covered market.

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This amazing restaurant is tucked away in an unassuming street behind the beautiful Buttes Chaumont park in the 19th arrondissement. This restaurant will serve you no products below the very best q... lesa meira

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Local jazz club with one of the best selections of live music by touring artists from around the world.

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A great local bar and restaurant serving modern French cooking, with a nice south-west facing terrace for a drink to start the evening.

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This is one of the best vergetarian Indian restaurant in Paris and it's jsut around the corner from ours!



$$· 43 Rue des Petites Écuries·Kort·Opnunartími·Vefsíða·

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This tiny spot, still decorated with Art Nouveau tile murals of the rare birds it once sold, is an excellent restaurant serving dishes like turbot meunière with organic baby vegetables.

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A beautiful terrace facing the church St Bernard. Tasty tagines and generous salads for the summer. In short a staple of the Goutte d'Or.