Eftirlætis staðir heimafólks

1. Powell's City of Books
1005 W Burnside St
391ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn
Phil segir “Powell's Books is an independent bookseller serving Portland, Oregon, since 1971. We've grown to emp...” ·
2. Powell's Books
3723 SE Hawthorne Blvd
125ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn
Laura segir “Powell's on Hawthorne is a mini version of Powell's downtown. I love how the stacks are curated by t...” ·
3. Townshend's Alberta Street Teahouse
2223 NE Alberta St
69ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn
Amy segir “Crazily complex tea options, almost comical, very Portland-y. Our daughter loves the bubble tea. N...” ·
4. Portland Saturday Market
2 SW Naito Pkwy
152ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn
Joe segir “Located in the heart of the Old Town district at Skidmore Fountain Plaza. A pretty decent market wit...” ·
5. Red Light Clothing Exchange
3590 SE Hawthorne Blvd
28ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn
Misty segir “For vintage lovers, one of my favorite shops. Also there is a buffalo exchage accross the street and...” ·
6. Paxton Gate
4204 N Mississippi Ave
40ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn
Genie And George
Genie And George segir “You probably know this store for its supporting role in Portlandia (in which it sells artisanal knot...” ·
7. Lloyd Center Mall
2201 Lloyd Center
52ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn
Marcia & Ray
Marcia & Ray segir “Shop 'til you drop, then go see a movie. Someone's always skating at the ice rink in the middle of t...” ·
8. Belmont Station
4500 SE Stark St
34ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn
Todd & Lea
Todd & Lea segir “One of the best rotating tap lists in the city. Beer snob heaven that always maintains a unique and ...” ·
9. Washington Square
9585 SW Washington Square Rd
44ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn
Theresa segir “Large shopping mall with major retail and restaurants-Nordstrom, Macy's, Forever 21, Cheescake Facto...” ·
10. Rerun
707 NE Fremont St
21ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn
Cibyl segir “Hip resale store a stone's throw from Plum Blossom Cottage. Clothes, shoes, furniture, housewares an...” ·
11. Annie Bloom's Books
7834 SW Capitol Hwy
24ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn
Maxine And Jonathan
Maxine And Jonathan segir “One of a handful of independent booksellers left in Portland, this sweet little store packs in a lot...” ·
12. Presents of Mind
3633 SE Hawthorne Blvd
29ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn
Denise segir “Fun locally owned gift store. Wonderful treasures, toys, jewelry, t shirts, cards - classy silly and...” ·
2205 E Burnside St
22ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn
Christiana segir “Girl wonderland paradise. Mix of vintage/new clothing and great selection of pottery, home goods, an...” ·
14. The ReBuilding Center
3625 N Mississippi Ave
26ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn
Shane segir “A vast warehouse of recycled building materials and spot I frequently visit. Check out the cob front...” ·
15. Mississippi Records
5202 N Albina Ave
28ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn
Eric segir “Excellent record store and epic record label within walking distance. You can't beat it for amazing ...” ·
16. Green Bean Books
1600 NE Alberta St
17ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn
Nell segir “I challenge you to find a better children's bookstore anywhere. This place is a magical labor of lov...” ·
17. Pioneer Place
700 SW 5th Ave
35ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn
Saadi segir “Many of the high end stores & boutiques are located here, including the Apple Store, the Microsoft s...” ·
18. ink & peat
3808 N Williams Ave
23ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn
Van segir “A cute little store to get home decorations, soaps and other things of the sort. I really like this...” ·
19. House of Vintage
3315 SE Hawthorne Blvd
21ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn
Ted segir “Massive vintage store with clothes and other items. Guaranteed to leave you feeling hipper. Many o...” ·
20. Bridgeport Village
7455 SW Bridgeport Rd
29ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn
Carrie segir “Great shopping and no turns between here and there! Take Boones Ferry the whole way. There's a theat...” ·
21. Queen Bee Creations
3961 N Williams Ave
19ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn
Stuart segir “Unique hand-made hand bags and accessories made from waterproof faux-leather with graphic applique s...” ·
22. Powell's City of Books
1005 W Burnside St
15ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn
Mike segir “Some people call it the world's best bookstore, others call it the biggest...we love it because it i...” ·
23. Frock Boutique
1439 NE Alberta St
18ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn
Mishka segir “Cute little locally owned women's boutique. I do most of my shopping here, when possible. Great gi...” ·
24. Movie Madness Video
4320 SE Belmont St
21ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn
Heather segir “Movie fan? Definitely wander through this expansive video shop which is filled with film memorabilia...” ·
25. Village Merchants
4035 SE Division St
20ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn
Denise segir “I love this place. It's our local community thrift store where people go to sell things they no long...” ·
26. Stars Antiques Mall
7030 SE Milwaukie Ave
17ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn
Susan segir “Vintage heaven. Large double store each side of the street. Furniture, collectibles, clothes etc. Fu...” ·
27. Grasshopper
1816 NE Alberta St
14ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn
Nell segir “Toy store, children's books and clothing. Lovely selection of higher end things.” ·
28. Monograph Bookwerks
5005 NE 27th Ave
11ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn
Nell segir “Oh so wonderful collection of art books and other small things, perfectly selected and placed.” ·
29. Division Wines
3564 SE Division St
17ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn
Stephanie segir “Local shop focusing on small-production wines, sakes, sherries & ciders, with biweekly tastings.” ·
30. Music Millennium
3158 E Burnside St
18ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn
Tyan & Lisa
Tyan & Lisa segir “Cause there's tons of music and other cool stuff. New and used cds” ·