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Shakespeare and Company is an English-language bookshop in the heart of Paris, on the banks of the Seine, opposite Notre-Dame. Since opening in 1951, it’s been a meeting place for anglophone writer... lesa meira

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One of the best bookstore for creative ! Photography, Design, Architecture, Art & more. A nice spot to visit.

+++++Step through Artazart’s neo-70s orange façade and you’re in another world: a design bookstore with photography, graphic design, fashion, illustration and children's books!

Great book store specialised in arts, design and lovely children's books

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Les Bouquinistes are riverside book sellers along the quays around the Pont Marie (bridge). This popular open-air bookshop features separate stalls stocked with classic and modern literary works. I... lesa meira

One of Guy Savoy French Chef's restaurants (Michelin stars restaurants). Amazing food. Pricey. Just renovated.

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A large bookshop with a wide range of books of anykind : litterature, tourism, books for kids.

Very cute book-store! They have sevral sections, from traveling, to cooking, and of course litterature!

Well curated bookshop with a wide range of titles. Also a good kid's section in the back and some English titles. Good if you're looking for a gift to bring back to someone too.

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A great independent book store where you can read with a drink on the terrace.

Beautiful bookstore with nice small tables at the sun outside to have a coffee. Original and precise selection for design, contemporary comics, graphics, photography. Events sometimes

Excellente librairie / Best book shop !

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Very nice bookshop if you like design, art and fashion.

Famous art bookshop and gallery

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A great book shop, where you can also find postcards and guides.

Small and cute library, near the studio

Bookstore with a very good art and photo book selection as well as chosen DVDs, and CDs with great advice. Next to it, a great children and comics bookstore, and across the street, the litterature.

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A great bookstore, also with a selection of books in English and nice armchairs to sit and read. Une excellente librairie de quartier, avec de bons fauteuils pour s'installer...

Great great bookstore. They have comics too...

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Nice independent bookshop with many beautiful books about Paris. Open 7/7 until 8pm (Sunday only from noon)

Small library, where you can find beautiful books and post cards.

Lovely book store with english books

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Great bookshop with very professionnals sellers and open from 10 to midnight even on sundays

Incredible bookshop opened until midnight...

Une librairie au choix varié et pointu! A bookstore with a rich and specific choice of books.

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One of the best bookstores in Paris. Across the street is it's kids bookstore. 3 minutes walk.

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A really very good bookshop that I recommend!

A good bookstore, with a nice selection of revues.

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This is the most renowend and biggest english bookstore in Paris!

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Another nice bookshop (yes, I love books)


L'Arbre à Lettres

62 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine·Kort·Opnunartími·Vefsíða·

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Great bookstore, with some english books and art books.

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All the cartoons you can imagine.

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The perfect bookstore, surrounding the Marché des Enfants-Rouges

A great area and very nice market.

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Best photography bookshop in Paris!!

Famous store dedicated to the photography.

Cool library and photography studio.

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If you want to buy all the book you want in every language

Browse books of every genre in this historic family-owned bookshop!

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You can ask any book the people there will help and recommend you the best books.Many famous French and international writers(such as Margaret Atwood) are invited regularly.

Kids and comics library, I love it !

Very nice bookshop with large choice for adults and kids.

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Bookstore on a boat! Book around the sea, pirates, adventures. Really atypic.


Words in the Mouth

6 Rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie·Kort·Opnunartími·Vefsíða·

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Nice bookshop. A good choice of comics available.