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I am a Parisian young woman. It's been a few years now since I started to simplify my life. Start to take off the pressure of my work, consume less, live more. Just live a simpler and happier life.... lesa meira

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Le Marché des Enfants-Rouges Openen everyday except Mondays and Sundays afternoon. You will find in this covered market a lot of terraces where you can eat French, Italian, Indian, Japanese or even... lesa meira

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My favorite place in Paris. It is a ten in one place with concert, exposition, bar, restaurant, club with very different kind of music, art... And this is an old bulding transformed so do not hesit... lesa meira

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Not possible to not go to the Louvre if you come in Paris.

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You can have a walk along the channel : there is a lot of little restaurant and shop to discover close to rue des vinaigriers. You can take a boat if you like from bastille to stalingrad if you like

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Most famous cimetary in Paris : quiet Area where you can see the grave of Oscar Wilde, Alfred Musset, Honoré de Balzac, Molière, Jean de la Fontaine, Marcel Proust

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One of the best neighboorhood of Paris. You have to enjoy the street and the old building everywhere. If you like shopping, there are many many shop in this area. So you can visit Paris and enjoy s... lesa meira

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One of the most famous neighbourhood of Paris. Climb the montain, admire the view and visit "Le sacré choeur" Mind the touristic restaurant around. If you go there get down by the other side of the... lesa meira

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The cathedrale is very famous but you really have to go there. I recommand to go at the top of one of the tower of the cathedrale. because it is one the most amazing view of Paris. Mind the stairs ;-)

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One the famous place of Paris : you have to go there because it is amazing and if you like Victor Hugo you can visit his house.


Musée d'Orsay

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1 Rue de la Légion d'Honneur·Kort·Opnunartími·Vefsíða·

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One of the best museum of Paris : Painting, sculpture, decorative arts, graphic art, photography, architecture, etc. 1848 à 1914

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Great chapel in the Paris Court : it a great place to visit or to assist to a classical music concert.

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Great bar for cocktail : it is often crowded, especially during the week-end.

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Amazing club for people who like rock music ! There is concert around 8 or 9 pm and after it is a club with two different areas open during the week-end (electro/rock). So be rock & roll to enter ... lesa meira


Breizh Café

$$· 109 Rue Vieille du Temple·Kort·Opnunartími·Vefsíða·

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This is a great place to eat "galette" and "crêpe", speciality from west part of France and it is quiet cheap or the neighbourhood There are plenty of different galette and crepe. One of my two fav... lesa meira

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If you like electronic music, this is the best sound system of Paris. Look at the program, you could have a great surprise.

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One of the best roof top in Paris : if you want to party during the summer, this is the place to be ! But mind the queue. There is no queue before 7pm so you can eat on the terrrasse and enjoy the ... lesa meira



Drykkir og næturlífBarir
$$· 2 bis Rue des Taillandiers·Kort·Opnunartími·Vefsíða·

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Cocktail bar and club with electronic music : Great place on friday or saturday

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Nice island of the Seine. You can taste a bertillon ice cream here one of the most popular ice cream in France.


Carnavalet Museum

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16 Rue des Francs Bourgeois·Kort·Vefsíða·

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If you want to know more about the history of Paris, this is the place. Amazing museum about Paris in the center of the Marais.

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My favorite parc in Paris if you want to have a walk or be in a green area with a little bit of water.

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Want to listen electronic music and famous dj on a boat : this is the place if you don't mind people on drugs ;-)

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Great museum in Paris, especially with Children about the science. Highly recommanded and not expensive.



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$$$· 58 Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau·Kort·Opnunartími·Vefsíða·

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Amazing bar for Cocktail : it is a like a prohibition bar. You have to enter through a black door without any name. There is a door man and it is better to say you already came one and you know the... lesa meira

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Want a bagel... go there, just at the corner : the bagels are good !


The Red Balloon

Drykkir og næturlífBarir
$$· 51 Rue Notre Dame de Nazareth·Kort·Opnunartími·Vefsíða·

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If you like wine or want to test one : this is the place : very close to the flat you can enjoy a lot of great wine with french tapas.

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Metro station line 3 and 11

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It is a great french bistrononomic restaurant you have to taste. It is like quiet expensive but delicious. All is very fresh and homemade. It is around 15 € for first course and 25-35 euros for a s... lesa meira

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Great place to buy all the food and alcoohol you need. You can find anything you want including traditional french products. The quality is good but if you want very good cheese for exemple you hav... lesa meira

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Métro lines 4, 8 and 9


La Cocotte Dépote

29 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin·Kort·Vefsíða·

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If you want to have french fresh food for lunch for a very reasonnable price : go there (4 € for a first course, 9 for a second) you can eat in or take away