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Born and raised on a farm in northern Idaho, I met Jodi (a snappy city girl) in Seattle which was home for a few years before we headed out on a series of moves taking us throughout the Pacific Nor... lesa meira
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Great variety of live music, small venue~

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Mexican food, Baja-style. I believe I've sampled every taco they serve-and they're all divine. Five kinds of great homemade salsa, sublime pomegranate margaritas and did I mention the sangria?

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Described as the German pub version of Cheers; great selection of German beers plus they allow you to bring in food from the carts just outside their doorstep!

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Some of the best pizza in town and great local music~

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Breakfast...they do it right...

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Okay, it's 130 steps from our front porch; sometimes the smell of the waffle cones wafts through the neighborhood. Amazing, creative local ice cream.

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Great local grocer and yes, going to this grocer is hip.

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Because it's there and its iconic. Seriously, this place will have something for your home improvement project back home.

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This place is amazing: brand new machines will wash and dry a large load in 30 minutes. But why rush if you can get a cold beer and sit back for a while...

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Be forewarned, this was our first stop in the neighborhood years ago...high end chocolates and every kind of salt imaginable~

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If Portland likes anything more than its beer, its bikes. This is just a cool place to stop: knowledgeable, friendly staff who can explain that yes, that was a growler carrier you saw on a guy's bike~

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If your travels have put your neck or back in a knot, Dr. Clark has a great touch. Or maybe you need a great masseuse? He has several on staff and they can usually get you in~