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Hi, we are two sisters, one still lives abroad unfortunately :( Our culture is very international, friendly and multi linguistic, so come discover romantic Paris with us ! We would love to hav... lesa meira
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Not really a Nightclub but definitely the "Place to Be" of the moment for an after dinner drink or late night Cocktails! Fashion Designer Manish Arora held his last Catwalk there ;) Original Afro-B... lesa meira

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I am an unconditional lover of the Eiffel Tower and seeing her sparkle at night (every hour) always makes me feel like I am in a magical place!

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Not many people know this but you can actually climb to the top of the Basilica rotunda via a small stairway and observe a beautiful panoramic view of Paris. This is one of the most romantic settin... lesa meira

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Only because this is one of the best bakeries in Paris and with you staying so close it would be a shame to miss it!! They are famous and have received numerous pastry prizes & awards. The Chef Bak... lesa meira

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Most famous & historical neighbourhood in Paris! You do not want to miss hanging out in this trendy, gay friendly, artistic, fashionable and elegant neighbourhood! Architectural example of how Pari... lesa meira

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It's just such a fun and vibrant place to have dinner at! You place your own orders here by marking what you want on a piece of paper for the waitress ;) Delicious and affordable Asian food. Take o... lesa meira

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This is the authentic famous hotel which inspired the 1938 film by Marcel Carné "Hotel du Nord". It is also the main inspiration source of the book by the same name, since the author was actually t... lesa meira


Musée d'Orsay

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1 Rue de la Légion d'Honneur·Kort·Opnunartími·Vefsíða·

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The best thing to do on a rainy day in Paris is to go to the museum! Unfortunately many will have the same idea ;) Buy a Paris Museum Pass if you plan on seeing more than 2 sites a day in order to... lesa meira

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Located in one of the most beautiful baroque private hotels of Le Marais (Hotel Salé), the National Picasso Museum, after being shut for a long period of time finally re-opened its doors to the pub... lesa meira

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Don't miss their Breakfast/Brunch Specials which include a healthy fresh fruit smoothie right on the Canal! Get there early to be sat on the terrasse. In the summer, give them your ID as a deposit ... lesa meira

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Experience the real Parisian lifestyle and enjoy a "Café" (Expresso) or "Café Allongé" (Large coffee) in the afternoon on their classy terrasse while watching the people go by.

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Metro - buses - Taxi Stations all available there

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The Sunken Chip is the first and only fish and chip shop in Paris. Started in the summer of 2013, the crew of the Sunken Chip provide the freshest fish, delivered each day, with true thick cut Engl... lesa meira

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This is actually a typical Irish-owned Pub and one of the most popular places in the area! The staff are English speaking, super friendly and you will never be alone for too long there ;) Live musi... lesa meira

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If you are into French cuisine, this is a quaint, delicious restaurant with food from the French South-West (duck, foie gras etc) so it's not diet food but oh so delicious!!! Visit early to get a t... lesa meira



70-72 Rue du Faubourg du Temple·Kort·Opnunartími·Vefsíða·

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This famous supermarket has everything you need, from foods and fine wines, to cosmetics, clothing, and home utensils. Large supermarket.

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The closest to the house. You cannot buy alcohol there after 9pm


Blanchisserie Bichat

43 Rue Bichat·Kort·

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SELF-SERVICE Laundromat / Launderette (no dry cleaning). Within walking distance from the house, open until 10PM (last wash in by 8PM). You can wash and dry everything there yourself. They sell pow... lesa meira