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Theres usually a line out the door but the ice cream is THAT good! It usually moves fast and that is all the more reason to sample as many flavors as you please when its your turn!

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A popular breakfast/brunch spot on the weekends. Go early before you’re hungry, put your name in and then grab a coffee at Ristretto, which is just a few doors down. I'm a sucker for their bambino ... lesa meira

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A small yet fantastic venue to catch some live music. Go early before a show and grab a drink to enjoy on their outdoor patio.

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A fun and casual spot serving Indian street food inspired dishes. Order at the counter, bus your own table, soak up the Bollywood-esque atmosphere, and pretend that you somehow have lost your way a... lesa meira

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A stone's throw from the house and possibly one of the best eateries on Mississippi. There is usually a line out the door, but it often moves fast. Definitely get chips, salsa, and guac. The margar... lesa meira

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Second-run films for cheap! And they serve beer.

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Probably the best sushi in Portland, but also the “first certified sustainable sushi restaurant in the world.” Happy hour drinks are fun, but the food here is where you can really get a good deal. ... lesa meira

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A brioche-donut bakery that gets creative with flavors and uses organic, locally sourced ingredients. You’ll likely need to nap after eating half of one of these treats. But, oh, what a glorious na... lesa meira

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Swedish brunch! Our favorites are the scrambles, the fritters (nice mix of sweet and savory), the Æbleskiver (danish pancakes!), and the lefse.

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Tons of beautiful trails that wind around this extinct volcano. Grab a coffee to go from Albina Press (SE Hawthorne & 50th) and stroll around some of the many reservoirs. Or, pack a picnic and catc... lesa meira

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A great collection of food carts with something for everyone. Afterwards, swing into Prost next door for some German bier!

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This food truck boasts a small but mighty menu of Middle Eastern cuisine, the Gomasio Salad (add falafel) being my favorite. The Olea is also delicious. Don’t miss the bunny balls for dessert!

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This market prides itself on fresh, local groceries, but it's also a great place to grab a quick lunch, dinner, or snacks. Stock up on fresh fruit, sandwich supplies, or kombucha!

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Fantastic record shop with incredibly curated selection and a nod to the local scene. One of Portland’s many small museums, the Portland Museum of Modern Art resides in its basement and is worth a ... lesa meira

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Everybody's offers themed tours like "Food & Farm" or "Beer & Parks". It's also a great alternative to Bike Town (our bike share system) if you're going to be doing a lot of biking.



4326 N Mississippi Ave·Kort·

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This isn't your average grab-and-go coffee shop. They encourage table service, which, in turn, encourages us to sit down for a minute, enjoy our coffee, and some conversation.

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An eclectic mix of home goods, jewelry, and furniture, all beautiful and often local. Some items are even made right above the shop in their workshop.

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Grab some snacks at New Seasons and head here for an afternoon or evening picnic. Check out the great views of downtown Portland.