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Born Oregonian. Mother to a grown daughter who is out adventuring on her own now. I'm a photographer in Portland and work with a wide variety of people. I Love Yoga, Art, Dirt Biking, Kayaking, Pad... lesa meira
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Pok Pok has a reputation (and a line) for a reason! The whole experience of going here is really fun. SE Division street has lots of great places to eat and lovely little shops to explore as well a... lesa meira

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At 5,157 acres, Portland's Forest Park is the largest urban forest in the United States. With more than 80 miles of soft-surface trails, fire lanes and forest roads, Forest Park stretches for more ... lesa meira

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Has a classic McMenamins pub and a gorgeous movie theater. You can drink beer and eat while watching the movie. They have tables in the theater. Only 4 blocks from us.

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Owned locally by some great guys who really know how to make ice cream !

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This place is one of our FAVORITES! So yummy... Expect to wait in line though... waiting in line for excellent food has become part of our "culture" here in Portland, it's a social event... The foo... lesa meira

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Fabulous Food ! Definitely in my top 5 FAVORITE places to eat in Portland. Also check out the amazing Food Carts on 28th & SE Division (2 blocks down) Very nice walk from us through the neighborho... lesa meira

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Cheap movies, great pizza & pitchers of beer ! Tables in the theater. About a mile from us.

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Great inner city hiking trails. Gorgeous views of the city and of Mt. Hood. Lovely playground too. Very close to us, about a mile.

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Founded in late 1892, the Portland Art Museum is the seventh oldest museum in the United States and the oldest in the Pacific Northwest. The Museum is internationally recognized for its permanent c... lesa meira

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OMSI is one of the nation's leading science centers and a featured attraction in Portland. It's great for adults and kids alike with interactive stations, theaters and more. I really don't know whe... lesa meira

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Happy Hour with an AMAZING view ! You'll be high above the rest of the city and you can see it all from here. Great place to have a drink and watch the sky change at sunset. There is often a wait ... lesa meira

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Lovely place for good food and a great glass of wine.

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Another one of our very FAVORITES! I'm not sure what words to use to describe this fabulous Gourmet Peruvian delight. A bit on the expensive side but worth every penny. I suggest looking up their w... lesa meira

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REALLY GREAT food! Very friendly relaxed vibe and shockingly inexpensive. We go there often. Indoor, outdoor and bar seating. 3 miles from us.

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Beautiful park with duck pound, walking trails, basketball court and a lovely playground only 8 blocks from us.

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Great place with a large outdoor seating area, only a few blocks from us. Great healthy Vegan food with a very hip scene. ( I call it, "where the beautiful people go"



$$· 1212 SE Hawthorne Blvd·Kort·Opnunartími·Vefsíða·

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It's Sandwich Art ! ... So Good and full of fat.

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Pioneering pub with classic dark-wood decor offering rotating beers, hearty British fare & darts. about 10 blocks from us.

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Best Coffee Drinks this side of NYC ! 3 short blocks from us.

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Award Winning cozy fancy French cuisine

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Great place with a small outdoor seating area, only a few blocks from us. Yummy food with a very hip scene.

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Good food, has a hidden secret second bar in the back behind what looks like a book shelf.... a few blocks from us.

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Home of the Portland Rose Garden, is the oldest official continuously operated public rose test garden in the United States and features more than 10,000 roses. Has spectacular views of downtown an... lesa meira

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Huge patio with fire pit. Really great place to happy hour. It's like being at a summer BBQ. Big patio party!

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Great breakfast spot ! Large menu. They serve lunch and dinner too. Only a few blocks from us.

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A Portland Classic, been around for a VERY long time. Indoor and outdoor seating, Hookah's and amazing treats. Just a few blocks away. It sits in an old victorian house .

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Exotic tea from around the world and lovely healthy food.

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Lovely breakfast just a short walk away.

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Good cocktails.

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Really fun second hand store to check, one could spend hours in there. Vintage gowns, your new favorite sweater, costumes and things you may have never thought of before.... out 4 blocks from us.