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North Nicosia - Skoðunarferðir og kennileiti


History Museum
“A visitor gains the true sense of historical culture in Cyprus, as the museum takes you through Cyprus history by means of paintings, some photographs and scenes of Cypriot life.”
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Sögufrægir staðir

Sögufrægur staður
“The Famagusta Gate is a gate in the Nicosia walls, Cyprus. It is the chief gate of the city: the Porta Giuliana, or "di sotto" of Fra Stefano Lusignano's " Chorograffia", known as Famagusta Gate in modern times. This construction, in the Venetian style has been copied from the famous Lazaretto Gate of Candia designed by Michael Sammicheli at the beginning of the 16th century, and consists of a vaulted passage through the earthwork rampart of the city with a carefully executed spherical dome, eleven metres in diameter, in its centre.”
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