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North Kona - Skoðunarferðir og kennileiti


“A bit of a tourist trap, but mostly because you can consistently see turtles and an abundance of fish. I highly recommend this place to learn how to surf. There are a handful of surf lesson companies that operate out of the beach park, and you can easily inquire about a surf lesson while at the beach. Please use reef safe sunscreen.”
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“One of THE best snorkeling beaches on the island. There's a break wall that keeps the larger waves out. Go in the morning for the clearest water and you'll probably encounter sea turtles in the water!”
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Sögufrægir staðir

Sögufrægur staður
“Get a glimpse into pre-contact Hawaii. A beautiful setting where you can leave the modern world behind and imagine a time when Native Hawaiians lived untouched by the modern world. It is an old “sanctuary” where people could come to be spared from punishment. The bay nearby is home to turtles and a large variety of tropical fish.”
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Sögufrægur staður
“Home of the last Alii (royalty) on Hawaii. Lots of interesting artifacts and beautiful koa wood antiques. ”
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“Historic library with interesting programs, computer access and rotating book selection”
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