Stökkva beint að efni

Besta dægrastyttingin í Mílanó

Kynnstu borginni með augum heimafólks. Finndu bestu dægrastyttinguna og matsölustaðina og fáðu ómetanleg ráð frá íbúum á staðnum.

“The main attraction in Milan. It is the fourth largest church in the world, and the largest in Italy (San Pietro is in Vatican City) it was not completed until 1965 after nearly 600 years of construction. The architecture of the cathedral is gothic is breathtaking, it is worth your time to enter the church. For a fee you can also go to the top of the building to get an up-close look at the details and a fantastic view of Milan.”
541ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn
“One of the most beatiful park in Milan. Amazing place to have our famous aperitivo during the summer...or just chill out on the grass with the sun shining upon you. ”
406ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn
“This is the castle where the old rulers Sforza lived. Is partially visitable but you can always go in the inside square that is beautiful. Passing through you end in a beautiful park.”
371ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn
“Corso como is well known for its multitude of restaurants, bars and clubs. A "must" for aperitivo in Milan. Just ask me for directions. I am always happy to help!”
264ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn
“renaissance church, its dome has been build by Bramante - there is also a beautiful cloister.”
270ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn
“the coolest street of milano for shopping , you can find a lot of intersting things over there.”
234ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn
“Come here to see classical paintings. It's house of the wordl famous "The Kiss" by Hayez”
166ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn
“Great park near by to go running. It's an older historical park where as The Library of Trees is new and clean like a golf course. There are water fountains and on the weekends, there is a super clean and free "Toilet Bus."”
204ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn
“Breakfast in the famous delicatessen supermarket, at seven minutes from home”
222ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn
“Plunge into the atmosphere of Milan walking around this colourful district, having a rest in a caffe, listening to the street singers”
221ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn
Opera House
“Indulge yourself in this world-class opera house with top-tier singers. This elegant theater also features ballets too. An unforgettable experience overall!”
113ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn
Soccer Stadium
“One of the most famous Stadiums in Europe, here you can see playing every week A.C. Milan or F.C. Inter, two of the best football teams in Italy.”
142ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn
Sögufrægur staður
“Colonne di San Lorenzo, which are among the best preserved Roman ruins in Milan. The plaza where the Colonne di San Lorenzo are located is also one of the key places of the so-called "Milanese movida", i.e., night-life.”
205ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn
“Upscale glamourous shopping, many fashion designers have high-end boutiques here.”
170ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn
“Jazz club and restaurant, opened since 2003 and part of the Blue Note network, together with the historic Blue Note Jazz Club of New York's Greenwich Village, the Blue Notes of Tokyo and Nagoya in Japan and Beijing in China, and the Blue Notes of Honolulu in Hawaii, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and Napa in California.”
158ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn
Science Museum
“A very very nice science museum with ships, trains and airplanes. Highly recommended!”
141ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn