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Quepos - Verslun

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Grocery or Supermarket
“You can get everything you need here. Largest grocery store in Manuel Antonio. Wide selection of alcohol. The location is wrong on this map.”
  • 12 íbúar mæla með
Grocery or Supermarket
“Cheapest super market in Quepos. This is where the locals buy. You won’t find many imported products from the US or Europe but you will find the best prices for your basic stuff. (We don’t recommend buying meat here)”
  • 10 íbúar mæla með
Grocery or Supermarket
“MaxiPali is Walmart with groceries....not as big as, Several Walmart's in San Jose ”
  • 8 íbúar mæla með
  • 4 íbúar mæla með
“Nice coffe shop and restaurant, cozy, live music with particular dishes and hand crafted beers, small souvenir shop. ”
  • 2 íbúar mæla með
Distribution Center
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Accessories Store