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“Boston Common/Public Garden was created in 1634 and has 80 species of plant. There are places for lunch, picnic and beautiful sight seeing.”
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“Oldest public garden in America. I love this park specially during the spring season because of it’s very colorful, vibrant and beautiful tulips and flowering trees. Park is well maintained. Friendly squirrels that will follow you for some food , ducks swimming lazyly in the pond and dont forget to ride the swan boats! ”
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Public Art
“A great place to walk/bike on a nice day. There are many art installations along the greenway as well as food trucks. Sprinklers and misters can help you cool off when the temperatures get warm.”
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“The Swan Boats are a fleet of pontoon pleasure boats which operate in a pond in the Public Garden in Boston, Massachusetts. The Swan Boats have been in operation since 1877, and have since become a cultural icon for the city. They operate beginning the second weekend of April and ending the third weekend in September.”
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“The Boston Commons are an iconic part of historical Boston. You can see the classic make way for ducklings statue, and have a nice walk!”
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“Memorial that uses the Boston underground subway steam to illumiante the numbers etched in glass.”
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“Beautiful brownstones that some of the most prominent members of society live in. You can often see the secret service suvs posted outside of John Kerry's house”
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“At the entrance to the North End, Christopher Columbus Park is just a lovely view. Water, great path under an arbor. Near the Aquarium. ”
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Dog Run
“Park with a kid's play area, gardens & an off leash dog run, plus courts for tennis & basketball.”
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“Can you believe, that at one point, all of this beautiful open space was a horrid freeway? I-93 used to cut through this park, severing the North End. After years and years of digging, the tunnels replaced the freeways. (See the infamous Big Dig for more info)”
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“Gorgeous flowers and gardens, especially the bonsai display. Education center. Expansive with tons of trails. ”
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“This is my personal favorite. Secret neighborhood in Boston that is so well positioned that it's ultra quiet there for being downtown. This neighborhood also has some of the nicest and most expensive homes in Boston. I dream of having a place here one day!”
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“From Charles Street, head up the hill on Mount Vernon or Pickney Street, and within two blocks you'll come to Louisburg Square, the city's only remaining private park.”
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