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Besta dægrastyttingin í Washington

Kynnstu borginni með augum heimafólks. Finndu bestu dægrastyttinguna og matsölustaðina og fáðu ómetanleg ráð frá íbúum á staðnum.

“Want to see the Smithsonian Museums? Then you'll definitely want to take a stroll or bike ride along the National Mall. Stop in to see sights like the Washington Monument, Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial, World War II Memorial, Lincoln Memorial and many others. Be sure to wear comfortable walking shoes!”
341ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn
Farmers Market
“Come Saturdays you won't want to miss the diverse food vendors at Eastern Market. Get everything from delicious cupcakes to specialty pickles and deliciously authentic Southern Po Boy sandwiches.”
412ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn
“Like a fancy food court, with outdoor space. Free movies in the summer. 5 minute drive with plenty of free parking, or 25 minute walk.”
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“Normally not zoo fans, we love the Washington one. Set cleverly into the Rock Creek Park valley, the zoo is almost like a park itself. Entrance is free, but parking is $25 or so. Fills up early especially on weekends. Many find the pandas a highlight but plenty more to see too. Our 2 year old's favourite is Rosie the cow :)”
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“White House tours are hard to come by and generally have to be scheduled by your hometown Member of Congress.”
261ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn
Science Museum
“Interested in anything aviation and/or space related? This museum will have you covered from models of the very first aircraft to models of satellites and rovers. Very cool and super informative. A massive Lockheed Martin IMAX Theater is also within this museum. It’s one of the largest IMAX screens in DC. You can buy tics online or in person when available. Major movie releases are usually shown here, but not all so definitely research beforehand. ”
220ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn
Capitol Building
“Schedule your tour with your local elected official to take a tour of this classic building where our country's legislators call home.”
240ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn
Franskur veitingastaður
“Best French restaurant in city. Gorgeous place, great food, wine, bar, etc. Get a reservation though or be prepared to wait.”
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Vettvangur fyrir sviðslistir
“This is a fantastic, high-end theater that offers a lot of high-quality shows, both paid for and free. ”
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Science Museum
“Our Favorite museum in DC, it houses dinosaurs, the hope diamond, and so much more. Free like all Smithsonian museums, this one can’t be missed!”
157ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn
“Best Live Music Venue. Walkable if you like walking. Check the calendar to catch a show!”
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Baseball Stadium
“Nationals Park is a couple mile walk or a short ride over. The stadium is awesome- there’s not a bad seat in the house. If you want to do it on the cheap, grab the least expensive ticket you can and chill at the Red Porch Bar & Patio. Make sure to pay attention during the fourth inning for the Presidents Race. The Bullpen at Half Street Fairgrounds (1201 Half St SE) is a good place to grab a drink before or after the game. ”
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“The options are endless! From boutiques to "mom and pop" stores in historic Georgetown. ”
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“Great local coffee shop. Beautiful outdoor terrace. Be on the lookout for special evening events and pop ups. Walkable - 7 minutes”
196ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn
“Great place to take a jog, see 4th of July fireworks, join weekend pick-up games, and people watch.”
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“If you love Art please visit the National Gallery of Art in DC. You’ll find work from every movement dating hundreds of years. You can lose yourself for days here if you desire. ”
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