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Christiansted - Bestu almenningsgarðarnir

“This is a nice little park in the center of the historic structures down by the water. Fort Christiansvaren boarders the northeastern side, as well as the customs house, and the scale house is at the southeast corner, with Hotel on the Cay a short ferry ride across the water. To the south is downtown and plenty of bars, restaurants, and shopping with a nice boardwalk along the water all within walking distance.”
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“Early on Saturday mornings, Panchie, a "bahn yah" Crusian, fries up Johnny Cakes and fresh fish bought in by the Fishermen in Gallows Bay. If you like a truly local experience, walk over to the Gallows Bay Village and join the locals and others. The conversations will be engaging and you might pick up a little Crusian patois. All is welcome. ”
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