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Christchurch Central City - Bestu almenningsgarðarnir

“The large park in central Christchurch with great paths for walking , cycling and Lime scootering. ”
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“Enjoy a pleasant walk through Christchurch's botanical gardens. Visit the hot house, rose gardens and children's playground.”
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“A truly fun playground even for adults set along side the Avon river and a few minutes walk from the city centre.”
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“There's beautiful, different kind of flowers, huge trees. You can always go on a tree swing if you're lucky to find it :) Best date spot ever. ”
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“Hire a Spark Bike and get the first 30 mins free. There are six locations in the city centre, so this is a great way to explore the CBD and Hagley Park.”
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Memorial Site
“On February 22, 2011, a 6.3 magnitude earthquake hit near Christchurch, New Zealand, devastating the city´s infrastructure and killing 185 people. To memorialize the victims, 185 empty white chairs were placed in an open field near the center of Christchurch, one chair for each life lost.”
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Annað útivist
“It's amazing! Go for tranquil walks through the Botanic Gardens and look at those giant trees! Free concerts in summer, walk around the lake at the adjoining Hagley Park. ”
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Botanical Garden
“Can walk through to the city and see our famous Avon River even hire a canoe and paddle along visiting many interesting places and homes. Also visit the museum which is very handy to the Botanical Gardens and indulge in the cities history.”
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“The central point of the reserve, situated opposite the Central Fire Station and on the banks of the Avon River, is the 5.5 ton steel sculpture created from five steel girders. The material was salvaged from the site of the World Trade Center and gifted to the City of Christchurch in 2002 by the City of New York for use in a public art work to honor firefighters worldwide. Engraved is the simple text “A tribute to Firefighters.” Designed by Christchurch artist Graham Bennett, the work is simple, stark, and highly emotive. One reason for this is the source of the materials. The suspended component or “spear,” in its red hot state, fell from the 102nd floor of the World Trade Center Tower Two, piercing the subway below. From the mountainous pile of twisted steel and smoking rubble and devastation something beautiful and poignant has been created.”
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