Stökkva beint að efni

Besta dægrastyttingin í Berlín

Kynnstu borginni með augum heimafólks. Finndu bestu dægrastyttinguna og matsölustaðina og fáðu ómetanleg ráð frá íbúum á staðnum.

“Sundays this Market is booming and has become the most popular attraction for Berliners and visitors alike. The Sunday karaoke is not to be missed. The annexed Fleamarket is worth a stroll over!”
567ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn
“Big jumble sale, street food, artisanat and many other interesting things in the park that used to be crossed by the Wall. Big karaoke openair in summer, very fun !”
580ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn
“The time to come is Streetfood Thursdays. Walk around and grab what you want from the many booths. Maybe eat a bit beforehand, because it can honestly get pricey. Full of yuppies, expats, and tourists - and always a lively atmosphere. The area around the Markthalle is great for exploring - called the Wrangelkiez, again lots of food, drink etc.”
388ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn
“The only airport in the world that has been transform into a parc but all the facilities including the runways and the terminals remained untouched. Its the only location in the city where you can appreciate the perfect sunrise and sunset, like on a beach. Open until sundown.”
502ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn
“Great historic spot and open-air gallery to witness Berlin/ Germany's art and history at the same time! The Berlin wall shown in an artistic and political way.”
376ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn
“Famous Rooftop, worth a look, but to avoid a long queue better go there during the week or in the afternoon than in the evening.”
408ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn
“huge park, in summer times the place to be, bbq, beach volleyball, a lot of playgrounds, skating, chilling”
450ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn
“Monumental square with strong socialist-era aesthetics & East Berlin's shopping district.”
317ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn
“If you haven't heard of it, maybe skip it. If you plan to go, it's great and of course "the" Berlin club destination. All types here and techno center. Easier to get in before 12, but will be pretty empty.”
411ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn
“Huge park on the Spree with possibility of renting small boats. Nice on summer days!”
278ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn
Sögufrægur staður
“Visit the open air museum and learn about the time when Berlin was divided into east and west.”
250ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn
Deildaskipt verslun
“Go to the top floor (6th) and enjoy amazing food from all over the world. I particularly recommend to try the Wiener Schnitzel in the Austrian food section.”
269ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn
“You cannot miss this landmark visit and its central to many other places to see.”
224ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn
Minnismerki / kennileiti
“The Brandenburg Gate (German: Brandenburger Tor) is a former city gate, rebuilt in the late 18th century as a neoclassical triumphal arch, and now one of the most well-known landmarks of Germany.”
227ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn
Natural Feature
“impressive collection in different museums and nice walk in the heart of the city”
322ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn
“A very typical Berlin style vibrant burger place and a cult for people in the city! Even worth visiting including surrounding area just for the experience!”
169ráðleggingar fyrir staðinn