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Anderson Township - Barir og næturlíf

Vinsælir barir

“Horse racing and gaming offered in addition to dining. Horse racing is seasonal of course.”
  • 10 íbúar mæla með
“Just past Brew River on Eastern Ave, well known for good hamburgers. Lit entirely by neon lights; free peanuts!”
  • 7 íbúar mæla með
“Across from Fifty West Production Works but with a sit-down restaurant atmosphere. This place has a rich history involving famous bootlegger, George Remus. ~1.9 miles away (7 minutes)”
  • 9 íbúar mæla með
“Great beer and wine bar with excellent food! The menu is small (charcutterie and small plates), but the vibe is great - they also have a lardery where you can buy meat & cheese as well as a pony-keg where you can design your own six pack to go. ”
  • 6 íbúar mæla með
“Friendly bartenders, some who have been there since the 1970s. ~2.1 miles away (7 minutes)”
  • 3 íbúar mæla með
  • 3 íbúar mæla með
“A classy eatery attached to the Mariemont Historic Inn styled after an English pub. ~0.7 miles away (5 minutes)”
  • 4 íbúar mæla með
“Within walking distance. This dive bar is inexpensive and will meet your needs. ~0.3 miles away (2 minutes)”
  • 2 íbúar mæla með




“The biggest concerts coming to the area are very likely to be found at this great venue right along the Ohio River! See what act is in town and go have yourself a great time listening to your favorite bands and artists! ”
  • 12 íbúar mæla með