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    Airbnb supports different payment methods, depending on the country your payment account is located in.

    We'll show you which payment methods are available on the checkout page, after you select your country.

    Payment options available in most countries

    • Visa, MasterCard, Amex, JCB, and debit cards that can be processed as credit cards
    • Apple Pay
    • Google Pay
    • PayPal

    Payment options available in certain countries


    • Aura for Brazil
    • Elo for Brazil
    • Hipercard for Brazil




    • Postepay for Italy



    • iDEAL for the Netherlands

    United States

    • Discover

    Offline or cash payments are a violation of our Terms of Service, and can result in removal from Airbnb. Off-site payments make it harder for us to protect your information, and put you at greater risk of fraud and other security issues.

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