Paddle with the Penguins

Paddle with the Penguins

Duration:2 klst. að lengd
Languages:Tungumál: enska

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Your guides on this Experience will be either noted marine conservationists Terry Corr or Jon Monsoon. Terry Corr is the Head of Education of AfriOceans Conservation Alliance. Terry is a qualified marine conservationist, passionate lifetime wildlife conservationist, a qualified scuba diver, qualified sea kayak guide and trained Nature Guide. Jon Monsoon is a qualified nature conservationist,…

Um: AfriOceans conservation Alliance

AfriOceans Conservation Alliance is one of South Africa's leading Non Profit Organisations, founded in 2003 by Lesley Rochat, aka The Shark Warrior. AfriOceans conducts REAL Marine Environmental Education and Awareness programmes that make a difference in our communities, on our beaches and in the Ocean. We promote Responsible Tourism through Transformative Educational Experiences.
Þetta er upplifun með félagsleg áhrif og AfriOceans conservation Alliance fá 100% af því sem þú greiðir fyrir upplifunina. .

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Meet Terry Corr or Jon Monsoon, Your qualified Marine Conservationists and Sea Kayak guides at our Shark Warrior Adventure Centre at Seaforth beach, receiving an interactive presentation. You will receive a safety briefing before jumping into our comfortable sea kayaks, and head out into the big blue. Rounding the corner, you will be faced by incredible African Penguins at Boulders Beach. Paddling…

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Very Important! Please check wind site www.windguru.com/ BouldersBeach to check what weather conditions are doing before booking. Bring your swim suit, towel, camera, hat, sun cream and water bottle.

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Fluid Synergy Sea Kayaks
Double paddles Personal Flotation Device (PFD) Rash vest Wetsuit (R100)

Hvað þarf að taka með

Swim suit
Water bottle
Camera or GoPro

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$44 á mann
$44 á mann